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By Simon Hornblower

This is often the 1st quantity of a two-volume old and literary observation at the 8 books of Thucydides, the nice fifth-century B.C. historian of the Peloponnesian battle among Athens and Sparta. Exploring either the historic and literary elements of the paintings, this observation offers translations of each passage or word of Greek commented on and permits readers with little wisdom of the language to understand the aspect of Thucydides' paintings. Making available the element of Thucydides' inspiration and subject material, this can be the 1st whole statement written through a unmarried writer this century.

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107-8 and the Tanagra Federal Issue’, 17 1 i. 108. i The Pentekontaetia Phoenix, xi (1957), x64fF. If Sparta meant to intrude in Boiotian politics in Thebes’ favour (see above), Tanagra will be an seen stopping-point. It was once strategically well-placed additionally, commanding the path to Athens: Meiggs, ninety nine. cvikuv A aK cS atp o vio i Kai 01 £u|a^iaxoi: ‘the Spartans and their allies have been victorious’. For the commemorative inscription see ML 36 = Fornara eighty, a golden safeguard devoted at Olympia ‘from the Argives, Athenians, and Ionians’. As consistently, Olympia is the good Dorian sanctuary; are the Argives the following pointed out first as traitors to Dorianism? the translation of ok a i o i ^ v j j L f x a x o i , ‘and their allies’, is disputed: see above, 107. 2n. three. Kai paxtl iv Oivo<})ijtois to u s B o iu to u s viKtjcravres tt]s t€ X u p as €KpaTT]CTav rrjs B o iu T ias Kai uki8os: ‘there used to be a conflict at Oinophyta during which they defeated the Boiotians and have become masters of Boiotia and Phokis’. a truly bald precis of a very very important improvement certainly, the ten-year Athenian regulate through Athens of Boiotia, amounting to a ‘Land Empire’ within the fullest feel: see Greek international, forty three, arguing that there's no cause to dissociate the land empire coverage from Pericles; see additionally above, 107. 2n. , for the collision among Spartan and Athenian goals in imperative Greece. Lewis, ‘The First Peloponnesian conflict’ (above 103. four, introductory n. ), seventy seven n. forty three, has urged that the Boiotian group of Orchomenos can probably be learn within the moment of the Athenian Tribute Lists, and Lewis now provides (CAH v2. 116 n. seventy two) that Boiotian Akraiphia may still possibly be learn in IG i3. 259, column iii, line 20, tribute record of 453. those startling feedback may suggest that Athens was once ready to treat the inland Boiotian groups as tribute-paying topic allies and Boiotia as a part of the empire—a striking piece of assertiveness. The proof for the political personality of Athenian regulate of Boiotia issues to toleration, for a minimum of a part of the time, of a few type of oligarchy; playstation . -Xen. Ath. Pol. iii. 1 1 (the treatise referred to as the ‘Old Oligarch’) claims that Athens supported the ‘Best males’ in Boiotia (and Miletos: see under, a hundred and fifteen . 2n. ), yet that this coverage was once a failure; and Aristotle (Politics, i30 2b25) says that during the interval after Oinophyta a badly administered democracy was once overthrown by way of contemptuous filthy rich males. Lewis in CAH v2 is definitely correct to assert that ‘there is little element in making an attempt speculative mixtures; Athens may have subsidized no matter what teams appeared prone to aid her’. For what occurred after the Athenians left see 113 . 3-4 n. Kai A okay puv tuv ’Ottouvtiuv eKaTov a v S p a s oixr^pous tous •n-XouoiuTciTOus cXaPov: ‘and took as hostages from the Opuntian Lokrians 100 in their richest citizens’. Why are the Opuntians 172 Events to the E n d o fthe Samian rebel i. 109. 1 singled out for this harsh remedy? Badian, ‘Athens, the Locrians .. (103. 3n. ), 368, conjectures that the Athenians have been already making plans the periplous of Tolmides and the cost of the Messenians at Naupaktos; the Athenians deliberate to require the Opuntian (East) Lokrians to take again their colonists the Ozolian (West) Lokrians, lower than the phrases of the colonization decree ML 20, and have been now tough ‘the such a lot sturdy promises at the a part of the Opuntians’.

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