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By Simon Hornblower

This can be the second one quantity of a three-volume ancient and literary remark of the 8 books of Thucydides, the nice fifth-century BC historian of the Peloponnesian warfare among Athens and Sparta. Books iv-v.24 hide the years 425-421 BC and include the Pylos-Spakteria narrative, the Delion crusade, and Brasidas' operations within the north of Greece. This quantity ends with the Peace of Nikias and the alliance among Athens and Sparta. a brand new function of this quantity is the whole thematic creation which discusses such subject matters as Thucydides and Herodotus, Thucydide's presentation of Brasidas, Thucydides and kinship, speech-direct and indirect-in iv-v.24, Thucydides and epigraphy (including own names), iv-v.24 as a piece of artwork: leading edge or in simple terms incomplete? Thucydides meant his paintings to be "an eternal Possession" and the continued significance of his paintings is undisputed. Simon Hornblower's statement, through translating each passage of Greek commented on for the 1st time, permits readers with very little Greek to understand the element of Thucydides' inspiration and subject-matter. an entire index on the finish of the quantity.

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Ninety four. 1 (cross-referencing formula): see above less than Th. v. 1 and vi. four. 2 Th. vi. a hundred, Syracusans retire from the sun/Hdt. vi. 11-13: Immerwahr, 247 n. 29 Th. vi (end) and vii (beginning)ZHdt. viii (end) and ix (beginning): J. de Romilly, Histoire et raison chez Thmydide (Paris, 1967), seventy three and n. x; Immerwahr, seventy nine n. 2 Th. vii. fifty seven. four, Styra DryopianfYHdt. viii. forty six. four: C/S; sizzling Th. vii. seventy three. three, Syracusan trick/Hdt. viii. seventy five f: Connor, 198 (where for '7. seventy two. 2' learn '7. seventy three. 3') 1 Th. vii. eighty one. four, TrcptoraSdv/Hdt. vii. 225. three: C. F. Smith, TAPA 31 (1900). seventy four; Connor, 199 n. 38 (Arr. Anab. v. in. three makes use of the observe, and Bosworth's remark (1995) notes the Thucydidean allusion; yet at the related web page he notes Herodotean resonances besides. Arrian could have had either authors in brain while he used ntpioTaoov) Th. vii. eighty five. four. TT/\UOTOS qj6vos/H6t vii. one hundred seventy. three: C/S;Jac. 505; Schm. -St. Th. vii. 87. 6, iravcoXtQpia/Hdl. i"i. a hundred and twenty. five: H. Strasburger, Hermes, 86 (1958), 39 n. three •» M. Herter (ed. ), Thukydides (Darmstadt, 1968), 529 n. eighty three *» W. Schmitthenner and R. Zoepffel (eds. ), H. Strasburger, Stud/en znralten Geschichte, ii (Berlin and long island, 1982), 707; HCT; N. Marinatos KopfFand I I . R. Rawlings III, PdelP^ (1978), 331-7; Connor, X25 n. 37; H x, X48 n. 50; H 3,124 n. three. (C/S examine Hdt. vi. 37. 2); N. Dunbar, Aristophanes Birds (Oxford, 1995). n. on 1239-40 Th. viii. 89. three, splits in oligarchies/Hdt. iii. eighty two. three: How and Wells; Newman, Ar. Pol. Comm. iv. 350 Th. viii. X02. three, Protesilaos/Hdt. ix. 116. 2, cp. a hundred and twenty. four: C/S; D. Boedeker. CA 7 (1988). 35 n. 18; H. four. sixty five n. a hundred and sixty Th. viii. 108. four, Antandros Aiolian/Hdt. vii. forty two (Pelasgian). [Note: the above record doesn't contain a few pairs of Hdt. and Th. passages that are frequently mentioned jointly, and which undergo on Hdt. 's meant date of composition or book, yet whose relation to one another isn't really precisely intertextual. See Th. iv. 53-7. Kythera/Hdt. vii. 235; Th. iv. fifty seven. three, Aiginetans/ Hdt. vi. ninety one. 1; Th. vii. 27-8. Decelea/Hdt. ix. seventy three (cf. above on Th. ii. 23). See my nn. at the Th. iv passages. eventually, Hdt. viii. 126 feet. may perhaps (see above, p. 27 n. eighty three) express that Hdt. was once drawn to Potidaia for topical purposes, cf. Th. i. fifty six IT. ; cf. additionally, for Corinth/Corcyra rigidity, Hdt. iii. forty nine. x with Th. i. thirteen. four, 38. 1. ] »45 BOOK IV On the constitution of booklet iv as an entire see creation above, pp. 108 tT. mentioning and discussing W. R. Connor, Thucydides, and D. Babut, 'Interpretation historique et constitution litteraire chez Thucydide: remarques snr los angeles composition du livre iv', Btdletin de Tassociation GuillaumeBude, forty (1981), 417-39, abbrev. Babut. At durations, in six areas, Th. will pause to touch upon the morale of 1 or each side: see above, p. 109. 1-41. T H E PYLOS E P I S O D E 1 -6. The Athenians oca/py Pylos This episode is in Th. 's presentation the turning-point of the Archidamian conflict. Westlake, despite the fact that, has argued that Th. exaggerated the significance of the Pylos affair and the level of the Spartan opposite, and minimized the overall temper of dissatisfaction at Sparta with the development of the warfare: see The Naval conflict at Pylos and its Consequences*, CQ 24 (1974), 211-26 = reports, ch.

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