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By Gocha R. Tsestkhladze

This quantity offers with the concept that of 'West' and 'East', as held by means of the traditional Greeks. Cultural alternate in Archaic and Classical Greece in the course of the institution of Hellenic colonies round the old global used to be a huge improvement, and continually a two-way strategy. to accomplish a formal realizing of it calls for research from each attitude. All 24 papers during this quantity mix sorts of proof, discussing them from each point of view: they're tested not just from the viewpoint of the Greeks yet from that of the locals. The publication provides new information, in addition to re-examining current proof and reinterpreting outdated theories. The booklet is richly illustrated.

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Holbl is getting ready a ebook o f the Al Mina scarabs. E J . Peltenburg, Laant I (1969) 73-96. " VV. M. okay. Peine, instruments and guns (1917) forty nine 50. pi. 6 1 . seventy six 7. cf sixty seven. Phoenician razors, universal from Carthage, are a later phenomenon, with diverse handles: C. Picard. Karthago thirteen (1967) fifty five 6, seventy eight nine: J. Vercoutter, hs objets egyptiens... (1945) eh. eight. " ' J . Boardman. JHS eighty five (1965) thirteen; box notes exhibit that this can be from point eight, as Woollcv 1938, a hundred and fifty five, velocity ibid. , a hundred sixty five (Level 3). M . Treister, OJA 14 (1995) 159 seventy eight. those went via a section o f being referred to as ivorv ahead of being reidentified bv Dr C). Krzyszkowska in 1981. then bv G. U. Francis and M . Vickcrs, OJA 2 (1983) 249 five 1 . " J , Boardman. OJA I (1982) 365 7; Kearslcy (1995a) 19, N . 2 1 . " Waldbaum ; 1997, one zero one rightly observes that almost all inscriptions from Al Mina are non-Greek, yet those arc all 4ih-century, and normally Phoenician, whilst the port was once no dpubt working for a Persian/Phoenician licet. a query I speak about in other places with different difficulties and proof for Greeks in Syria; sec n. 35. " Doubts approximately any Assyrian destruction at Tarsus that can be known arc Ideologically {cf. S. Korsln-rg, . yr jap destruction datings [1995]) don't disturb the overall photograph o f turmoil within the sector within the early seventh century. O n different proof for Greeks within the east during this interval see essays by way of A. Kuhrt and the author, drawing close (see n. 35), and for occasions in Syria, J. D. Hawkins in ('All I I I . l (1982) ch. nine. M four 7 H 160 ). B O A R I) M A N a particularly assorted diversity of Greek pottery. the percentage of East Greek raises significantly, sub-geometric in appearance—the carrying on with chook bowls, and similar jugs, better slipped vases and Samian cups. yet there's additionally a striking volume of center Protocorinthian. the volume can be misleading. it's hugely detailed, even in scraps. nearly everything are from cups, kotylai with base rays, maintaining the Greek curiosity in delivering the form, which prior to have been extra typical at Al Mina in Euhocan imitations; there are only a few examples of the aryballoi that are the most typical export in other places. many of the Corinthian appear to belong to the sooner years of the century, and this can be a little strange. even if the East Greek pottery maintains via point five, the Corinthian doctors to not any marked measure, yet for a couple of cups and bigger vases. it's virtually as if we're facing a short-lived mode of distinctive consignments, and never inevitably, in fact, direct Corinthian involvement because the ware was once largely well liked by Greeks, notwithstanding no longer a lot represented in other places within the forged at this dale. point five turns out characterised via pottery from East Greece, Miletus and doubtless in different places, within the Wild Goat type, so as a rule after approximately 650 B . C . , even though a few is marked Ixvcl 6. there's a stable carrying on with chicken bowl series and a bit Cycladic. The Syrian crimson Slip maintains, notwithstanding no longer strongly, and a similar turns out to use to the Cypriot, yet there's a higher diversity of alternative unearths of japanese beginning.

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