Political Economy

Download E-books Time in Marx: The Categories of Time in Marx’s Capital (Historical Materialism Book) PDF

By Stavros Tombazos Time in Marx demonstrates that the fundamental suggestions of the 3 volumes of Capital come lower than [...]

Download E-books The Political Economy of Virtue: Luxury, Patriotism, and the Origins of the French Revolution PDF

By John Shovlin Political financial system, John Shovlin asserts, can remove darkness from the social and financial contexts out [...]

Download E-books Collected Works, Volume 33: Marx 1861-63 PDF

By Karl Marx, Friedrich Engels Quantity information: Volume 33 is the fourth of the 5 volumes containing the industrial [...]

Download E-books The Challenge of Liberty: Classical Liberalism Today PDF

By Robert Higgs The quest for freedom has continually been as a lot a conflict of principles because it is a well-liked fight. [...]

Download E-books The Sane Society PDF

By Erich Fromm The Sane Society is a continuation and extension of the intense psychiatric strategies Erich Fromm first [...]

Download E-books The Value of Marx: Political Economy for Contemporary Capitalism (Routledge Frontiers of Political Economy (Numbered)) PDF

By Alfredo Saad Filho Karl Marx's writings offer a uniquely insightful rationalization of the interior workings of capitalism, [...]

Download E-books Trade and Empire in the Eighteenth-Century Atlantic World PDF

By Andrew Hamilton Unfastened exchange has turn into a hugely politicized time period, yet its origins, old context, and [...]

Download E-books The Exclusionary Politics of Asylum (Migration Minorities and Citizenship) PDF

This critique of the securitization and criminalization of asylum looking demanding situations the declare that asylum seekers [...]

Download E-books Manufacturing Consent: The Political Economy of the Mass Media PDF

By Edward S. Herman During this pathbreaking paintings, now with a brand new creation, Edward S. Herman and Noam Chomsky express [...]

Download E-books Critical Theory and the Critique of Political Economy: On Subversion and Negative Reason (Critical Theory and Contemporary Society) PDF

By Werner Bonefeld Subversive proposal is none except the crafty of cause whilst faced with a social fact within which the bad [...]