Political Theory

Download E-books Tocqueville: A Very Short Introduction PDF

By Harvey C. Mansfield Not anyone has ever defined American democracy with extra actual perception or extra profoundly than [...]

Download E-books On the Form of the American Mind (The Collected Works of Eric Voegelin, Volume 1) PDF

By Eric Voegelin In 1924, no longer really years after receiving his doctorate from the collage of Vienna, Eric Voegelin was [...]

Download E-books Thinking about Property: From Antiquity to the Age of Revolution (Ideas in Context) PDF

By Peter Garnsey This booklet explores historic 'foundational' texts on the subject of estate and their reception by way of [...]

Download E-books Select Works of Edmund Burke, Volume 3: Letters on a Regicide Peace PDF

By Edmund Burke, Francis Canavan Author: Compiled and with a Foreword and Notes via Francis Canavan Publication Date 1999. 6 x [...]

Download E-books Hezbollah: A History of the "Party of God" PDF

By Dominique Avon, Anas-Trissa Khatchadourian Jane Marie Todd (tr.) For thirty years, Hezbollah has performed a pivotal [...]

Download E-books Human Dignity PDF

By George Kateb Right here, George Kateb asks what human dignity is and why it issues for the declare to rights. He proposes [...]

Download E-books Ethical Loneliness: The Injustice of Not Being Heard PDF

By Jill Stauffer Ethical loneliness is the adventure of being deserted by way of humanity, compounded through the cruelty of [...]

Download E-books 'Marx's Capital' (5th edition) PDF

By Ben Fine, Alfredo Saad-Filho This brilliantly concise booklet is a vintage advent to Marx's key paintings, Capital. In [...]

Download E-books Wrestling with the Angel: Experiments in Symbolic Life (Insurrections: Critical Studies in Religion, Politics, and Culture) PDF

By Tracy McNulty Wrestling with the Angel is a meditation on modern political, criminal, and social concept from a [...]

Download E-books Saving Persuasion: A Defense of Rhetoric and Judgment PDF

By Bryan Garsten In modern day more and more polarized political panorama apparently fewer and less voters carry out wish of [...]