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Music in historic Greece and Rome offers a finished creation to the heritage of tune from Homeric occasions to the Roman emperor Hadrian, offered in a concise and straight forward manner. Chapters include:
* contexts during which song performed a role
* a close dialogue of instruments
* an research of scales, periods and tuning
* the critical kinds of rhythm used
* and an exploration of Greek theories of concord and acoustics.
Music in old Greece and Rome additionally includes a number of musical examples, with illustrations of historic tools and the equipment of enjoying them.

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Eight 2a. nine 2a. 10 2a. eleven 2a. 12 2a. thirteen 2a. 14 2a. 15 2b. 1 2b. 2 2b. three 2b. four 2b. five Aulos Flute Aulos not-so-solemn ‘Exploded’ diagram of aulos Aulos carrying-case ‘de luxe’ Aulos-player with spare pipes in readiness Reed obvious from above Reed (side view) Aulos pipes held huge aside Aulos-player donning phorbeia kinds of bulb (holmos) Dog-fish egg-case Fingerholes on early aulos Key mechanism of aulos ‘Remote-control’ key on aulos, visible from above and under Aulos-player’s palms no longer in line pipes twiddling with articulated drone Round-based kithara, 7th century BC Round-based kithara, 5th century BC Round-based kithara with ‘cross-fret’ Flat-based kithara aid sling on kithara 25 25 26 27 27 27 28 28 30 31 32 33 35 37 37 forty four forty five forty seven forty nine forty nine 50 fifty six vi FIGURES 2b. 6 2b. 7 2b. eight 2b. nine 2b. 10 2b. eleven 2c. 1 2c. 2 2c. three 2c. four 2c. five 2c. 6 2c. 7 2c. eight 2c. nine 2c. 10 2c. eleven 2c. 12 2c. thirteen 2c. 14 2c. 15 Lyre (front view) Tortoiseshell physique of lyre form of lyre sounding-board Seated lyre-players (teacher and student) Barbitos ‘Thamyris’ or ‘Thracian’ kitharas Syrinx (Greek shape) ‘Nude formative years Fluting’ kind of harp (exact identify doubtful) kind of harp—trigonon Horizontal angular harp ‘Arched’ or ‘bow’ harp ‘Square’ lute ‘Pear-shaped’ lute Salpinx Harmonic sequence of notes playable on a salpinx Tympanon (played regularly) Tympanon (reversed) Krotala Psithyra or ‘Apulian sistrum’ Mode of vibration of xylophone aspect (movement significantly exaggerated) sixty two sixty two sixty three sixty five sixty six sixty seven 70 seventy two seventy four seventy five seventy five seventy six seventy seven seventy eight seventy nine eighty eighty two eighty two eighty three eighty four eighty five three. 1 Eratocles’ ‘circle’ 108 four. 1 four. 2 four. three four. four four. five Pitch-accentuation of Greek phrases Correspondence among pitch-accents and musical surroundings Dactylo-epitrite in musical notation general Ionic ‘Anaclastic’ Ionic 112 113 116 one hundred twenty one hundred twenty five. 1 five. 2 five. three five. four five. five five. 6 Pythagoras’ discovery Monochord, aspect and plan view ‘Multichord Measurer with Helikon’ Air compressed through affects concord from synchronous affects Euclid’s ‘graph’ representing periods 131 133 136 a hundred and forty a hundred and forty four 147 7. 1 7. 2 ‘Flue’ organ pipe ‘Italiote’ kithara 167 169 eight. 1 eight. 2 eight. three Etruscan aulos Etruscan lyre Etruscan duet 174 one hundred seventy five 176 vii FIGURES eight. four eight. five eight. 6 eight. 7 eight. eight eight. nine eight. 10 eight. eleven eight. 12 eight. thirteen eight. 14 eight. 15 Lituus Bucina or cornu Early Roman funeral Etruscan transverse flute Sound-waves deflected by way of a disadvantage Acoustics of theatre with raked seats Set of resonators for smaller theatres whole set of resonators for better theatres Achilles being taught to play the lyre Hornpipe or ‘Phrygian’ tibia The ‘super-complete’ or bass aulos/tibia Organist and horn-player within the amphitheatre 177 179 a hundred and eighty 181 191 192 193 194 197 198 199 203 nine. 1 nine. 2 nine. three nine. four 209 211 211 nine. five nine. 6 Instrumental notation, unique octave complete variety of instrumental notes for aulos Letters of the Greek alphabet used for the vocal notation Notation approach with vocal symbols extra to the instrumental ultimate extension of the notation procedure Notation for the two-octave method within the Lydian key 212 213 216 10. 1 10. 2 10. three 10. four 10. five 10. 6 10. 7 10. eight 10. nine 10. 10 10. eleven 10. 12 10.

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