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By Clifford Geertz

In The Interpretation of Cultures, the main unique anthropologist of his iteration moved a long way past the conventional confines of his self-discipline to increase a massive new proposal of tradition. This groundbreaking publication, winner of the 1974 Sorokin Award of the yankee Sociological organization, helped outline for a whole new release of anthropologists what their box is eventually about.

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How Traditions Live and Die (Foundations of Human Interaction)

Of the whole lot we do and say, such a lot shouldn't be repeated or reproduced. on occasion, besides the fact that, an idea or a convention generates a sequence of transmission that covers extra distance via area and time than any one individual ever may well. What makes such transmission chains attainable? for 2 centuries, the dominant view (from psychology to anthropology) was once that people owe their cultural prosperity to their powers of imitation.

The Meme Machine (Popular Science)

What's a meme? First coined by way of Richard Dawkins within the egocentric Gene, a meme is any suggestion, habit, or ability that may be transferred from one individual to a different via imitation: tales, models, innovations, recipes, songs, methods of plowing a box or throwing a baseball or creating a sculpture. The meme is usually essentially the most important--and controversial--concepts to emerge because the foundation of the Species seemed approximately one hundred fifty years in the past.

The Aztecs: A Very Short Introduction

This Very brief creation employs the disciplines of historical past, spiritual experiences, and anthropology because it illuminates the complexities of Aztec existence. Readers meet a humans hugely expert in sculpture, astronomy, urban making plans, poetry, and philosophy, who have been additionally profoundly dedicated to cosmic regeneration throughout the thrust of the ceremonial knife and during battle.

Feast: Why Humans Share Food

The relatives dinner, the buyer luncheon, the vacation spread--the thought of individuals coming jointly for a meal turns out the main ordinary factor on the planet. yet that's by no means the case for many different participants of the animal country. In ceremonial dinner, archeologist Martin Jones offers either historical and glossy medical facts to light up how prehistoric people first got here to percentage meals and to track the ways that the human meal has formed our cultural evolution.

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