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By Richard Hunter

Less than Ptolemy II Philadelphus, who governed Egypt in the midst of the 3rd century B.C.E., Alexandria grew to become the intense multicultural capital of the Greek global. Theocritus's poem in compliment of Philadelphus—at as soon as a Greek king and an Egyptian pharaoh—is the single prolonged poetic tribute to this amazing ruler that survives. Combining the Greek textual content, an English translation, an entire line-by-line observation, and vast introductory reviews of the poem's historic and literary context, this quantity additionally bargains a wide-ranging and far-reaching attention of the workings and illustration of poetic patronage within the Ptolemaic age. particularly, the booklet explores the sophisticated and intricate hyperlinks between Theocritus's poem, modes of compliment drawn from either Greek and Egyptian traditions, and the next flowering of Latin poetry within the Augustan age.

As the 1st exact account of this significant poem to teach how Theocritus may have drawn at the pharaonic traditions of Egypt in addition to past Greek poetry, this booklet presents specific perception into how compliment poetry for Ptolemy and his spouse could have helped to barter the difference of Greek tradition that modified stipulations of the recent Hellenistic global. important for its transparent translation and its statement on style, dialect, diction, and historic reference on the subject of Theocritus's Encomium, the e-book can also be major for what it finds concerning the poem's cultural and social contexts and approximately Theocritus' units for addressing his numerous readerships.

COVER snapshot: the picture at the entrance hide of this publication is incorrectly pointed out at the jacket flap. the right kind caption is: Gold Oktadrachm depicting Ptolemy II and Arsinoe (mid-third century BCE; via permission of the Museum of excellent Arts, Boston).

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Cf. Koenen 1993, 51–52. four / advent of Callimachus to Zeus and Delos and among EP and Idyll sixteen for Hieron of Syracuse. of those a number of concerns, the first could be the most powerful. the precise date of Arsinoe’s marriage to her brother, among 279 and 274, is unknown;12 it really is tempting to put EP shut in time to the wedding, a result of marriage ceremony imagery and language of vv. 129–34, yet on any reckoning the poem needs to fall inside of ten, and doubtless six, years of the marriage, and the language of weddings has in truth a significance in the portrayal of the royal couple that may be defined with no recourse to the chronological argument (cf. 129, 133–34nn. ). Arsinoe’s demise is standardly dated, at the foundation of Egyptian files, to July 270; E. Grzybek has argued for July 268, however the revised courting has now not discovered large want. thirteen As for the opposite arguments which were adduced, silence in regards to the Theoi Adelphoi will be unsurprising if the poem used to be to be played to Greek audiences outdoor Alexandria, even supposing the compliment of Philadelphus for having confirmed the cult of his mom and dad (vv. 121–34) could certainly appear unusual if he and his sisterwife have been already themselves the thing of cult. of conquests and possessions in vv. 86–90 oªers in truth no narrowly specific date and would appear to fit any time within the moment a part of the last decade (see 86–92n. ); it may be, after all, that if we knew the date of the poem, these verses would seem extra traditionally nuanced than they do now. As for arguments in accordance with 12. Cf. Fraser 1972, 2: 367. thirteen. Grzybek 1990, 103–12; cf. Koenen 1993, 51–52. For the sooner date cf. Minas 1994; Cadell 1998. creation / five the (undeniable) intertextual relation with Callimachus, those are constantly prone to be not more than suggestive. The Hymn to Zeus is standardly (and attractively) dated early in Philadelphus’s reign, at the foundation of the plain allusion in vv. 57–67 to Philadelphus’s elevation to the co-regency in 285 and next accession in 283 prior to his older brothers;14 if Callimachus’s poem does certainly predate EP, then Theocritus has used a (famous? ) “Hymn to Zeus” within the building of analogies and diªerences among Zeus and Philadelphus that run all the way through the poem (cf. 1n. ). Callimachus’s Hymn to Delos, however, needs to postdate Philadelphus’s quelling in 275/4 of the uprising of the Celtic mercenaries employed to help him in his fight with Magas of Cyrene (cf. vv. 171–87);15 that the fetal Apollo prophesies that Cos is reserved for “another god” (qeo;" a[llo") is generally taken as an indication that Callimachus’s hymn is later than 271 (cf. above), notwithstanding that's infrequently an important end, provided that the speaker is Apollo and his mode is the allusive kind of prophecy. sixteen it really is correct to invite 14. Cf. , for instance, Clauss 1986; Cameron 1995, 10. 15. Cf. Meincke 1965, 116–24; Weber 1993, 213 n. three, with bibliography. Little weight might be hooked up to Perrotta’s argument (1978, 83–84) that T. couldn't have didn't point out the incident of the mercenaries if it had already occurred.

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